Together we can help your customers discover
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My specialty is helping creative folks who are uncomfortable with technology. You have your passions, education, and skills, and a full-time job running your business. Let me take care of building your website. I will help you make it easier for your clients to find your site and purchase your wares or services.

picture of The Bard's Musik Shop website

The Bard’s Musik Shoppe

E-commerce website rebuild. I brought this to WordPress from Squarespace. The customer had a design audit of her site and wanted specific changes and implementations that Squarespace wouldn’t allow. I Focused on UX/UI, Increased ease of ordering for client’s customers and ease of maintenance/update for client.

picture of Epaul Rambles On website

Epaul Rambles On Travel Blog

My personal Travel Blog, where I chronicle my travels and adventures around the world. I recently transitioned from decades as an analogue nomad into a modern digital nomad.

Your strategic partner for web design
specializing in WordPress websites

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I’ve been creating websites for artists, small businesses, and professional organizations since the 1990s. In those days I hand-coded everything using HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and a few other languages. These days I allow WordPress to do the heavy lifting, so I can concentrate on design, content, and SEO. This helps make sure your website is more likely to be seen by your potential client. All while making sure they have a pleasant experience to purchase your products, goods, and services., and you have a pleasant experience maintaining your website.

WordPress powers over one-third of all the websites on the internet. Millions of users from small bloggers to major corporations appreciate its flexibility, security, and searchability. It’s use of themes and plug-ins allow WordPress gurus an almost unlimited degree of control over appearance and functionality. And yet beginners can easily learn basic editing and maintenance, something I can help with by simplifying the back end for you. And with WordPress you have ownership and control of your website and its content, something you don’t get with most of the easy web builders.

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