Epaul in Istanbul

Hello! My name is Epaul, and I have been an artist and entertainer all my life. for several decades, I have been an analogue nomad, working my way all across North America. I recently packed a suitcase, grabbed my laptop & my travel mandolin, and headed off to see the world.

My passion for Science and Technology combines with my artistry to create beautiful websites that solve your problems. Decades of involvement in entertainment and education while working Renaissance Festivals, Planetariums, and as a Tour Guide, have helped me develop a grand sense of theater, storytelling, and comedy. An obsessive love of research provides me with an abundant yet ever-expanding sphere of knowledge that I take great joy in sharing with others. My quirky sense of humor, kindness, and communication skills help make me an excellent instructor; while my dedication, attention to detail, and sense of responsibility help me create a work of art for your business.

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